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Alternative for tropical hardwood
NobelWood offers an alternative to tropical hardwood based on fast growing softwood and a bio-based resin made from the waste from sugar cane stalks. This innovative product can now be applied with the Derako façade system where fixation is on the backside and completely invisible. NobelWood can also be combined with a weatherproof Fire Retardant Exterior treatment. This results in an unique product which is maintenance free and can be applied to structures that must meet high requirements for fire safety. NobelWood FRX – Derako offers an unique appearance with sustainable materials.

Consistent quality throughout
After the drying process the polymers strengthen the cell-walls, improving the quality of the wood. Besides improved durability, the modification process also provides excellent qualities for machining.

Compatible with fire-resistant treatment
NobelWood is compatible with the fire retardant treatments that are used for SafeWood and SafeWood Select. Subjected to fire, the fire retardant ingredients react with the combustible gases normally generated by untreated wood, and convert them to carbon char, carbon dioxide and water. SafeWood and SafeWood Select meet requirements for Euroclass B concerning fire safety regulations.

Available in various dimensions and products
NobelWood is available in a wide range of sizes. It offers possibilities for cladding, decking and various other exterior and interior applications. Face band-sawn NobelWood allows products with a surface that provides better fixing of coating systems. Products which are face band-sawn will age more equally, towards a silver-grey appearance. Studies have shown that cladding and decking materials which are face band sawn reduce maintenance requirements of the coating and increase the service life of wood products.

Unique aesthetic characteristics and appearance
Besides the technical and ecological specifications, NobelWood provides a distinguished appearance and unique aesthetic. Bio-modification results in a rich brown look, that resembles the colour of natural teak. Also all RAL-colours are available. The homogeneous structure of the selected pine for NobelWood provides equal weathering towards a silver-grey exterior.

DUBOkeur for cladding products
The Dutch institute for building and ecology (NIBE) executed an indicative assessment to determine the environmental impact of NobelWood. They concluded that usage of bio-polymerised wood has less impact on the environment than comparable building solutions, and awarded Foreco with their trademark DUBOkeur. This is a classification in which different products are compared with each other. It is based on calculation with scientific Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) data. It is a method of calculating the environmental impact based on ‘cradle to grave’ calculations.

Ecological and sustainable with FSC or PEFC
NobelWood offers a renewable building material based on fast growing pine, sourced in sustainably managed forests, according to FSC or PEFC standards. The pine in combination with bio-based polymers creates a 100% organic, high-quality alternative for tropical hardwoods. Other environmental benefits include: no further threat to the rainforest and durable wood for sustainable construction.

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