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This material is no longer available.

The two photos in the middle are showing examples of the Gouges(chisels)-range by Objectile. Thanks to its knowledge in surfaces calculation and machining program generation, Objectile developed six ranges of decorative panels the design of which can vary on demand. Those six ranges differ from each other by their design, their purposes, and their technology.

Objectile panels can be manufactured in any mechanically workable material: standard MDF, coloured MDF, plywood, solid wood, totally fire proof mineral materials such as calcium silicate, etc. Standard size for MDF panels is 2750x1300mm; sizes up to 3800x1800mm are on demand.

Standard panels are delivered without a finish but on request, panels can be applied with a wide variety of finishing: varnish, lacquer, metal, etc. Depending on these finishes, the panels are able to meet all fire proof requirements. For specific projects, Objectile can deliver a range of solutions, especially for curved walls.

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