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Zand1 and Zand2 are textiles from the collection “Paper Textiles”, designed by Dutch designer Marian de Graaff. Paper textiles can be used for interior (wall hangings, room dividers, curtains, cushions), clothes and for decorative use. Atmosphere: natural, serene, transparent.

Featuring natural tones and irregular structures and textures. These textiles are crispy light to moderate to touch, depending upon the paper and the technique used.

The textiles Zand1 and Zand2 are woven from paper/cotton yarn and machine washable on 60 degrees Celcius with natural soap. The paper is untreated, thus hygroscopic. Changes in humidity result in the paper fibers expanding or shrinking, which in turn changes the appearance of the whole textile. Each paper textile is unique and are woven and / or handmade.

Paper textiles and objects are produced on order and in cooperation with Marian de Graaff.

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