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Patterned aluminium and stainless steel

United Kingdom

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These patterned finishes are manufactured by cold rolling various patterns into metals including stainless steel, aluminium, galvanized steel and even some ductile metals like copper in sheet and coil format. The patterned product is then always levelled and processed for optimum flatness.

Aesthetically, these patterned finishes provide a large selection of random and symmetrical designs that are modern and attractive in appearance. By producing this product, it eliminates defects like oil canning which can be reduced by using the patterned finishes to provide improved optical flatness thus making the product ideal for cladding systems.

The presence of a patterned finish will also hide scratches, dents and other impact damage, unlike plain flat and polished metals which too readily reveal the lightest of impact. These finishes are tried and tested, having been used for over 40 years because of their anti-vandal and durability properties.

As a direct consequence of the strength and durability benefits provided by the patterned finishes, long term cost savings are provided in maintenance and replacement of applications such as elevators, columns and doors, etc.

This patterning process also provides a reduced contact area on each sheet, therefore reducing friction problems common in food, drink and photographic machinery. This can then significantly speed up production flow.

The appliance industry also uses these patterned finishes because they provide heat insulation and dissipation advantages as well as increasing the strength and rigidity of metal enabling lighter gauges to be used with consequent cost and weight savings.

These patterned materials have even been used in the lighting industry to break up glare and most of our patterns can be incorporated with many of our other finishes like ColourTex® and T22 to produce a truly unique product.




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