VIP (Vacuum Insulated Panel)


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- story by MaterialDistrict

Vacuum insulation panels (or VIPs) have one of the highest insulation values possible. With a thickness of only 20 mm, a R value of 4.76 m2K / W can be achieved. That is roughly five times as strong as insulating PIR and about eight times as strong as mineral wool insulation.

Vacuum insulation panels have long been used in the construction in the Alps, but also in Sweden and England. For the insulating effect, fumed silica, or rather a micro-fiber-based silica, is used. These extremely low heat circulating fibers are compressed, after which a barrier film wrapped around it; a very damp-proof foil. Thereafter, the whole vacuum is sealed. This results in panels with a lambda value of 0.0042 W / mK.

This super insulating material can be applied to floors, walls and roofs. With EPS or other sheet materials, it can be formed into panels. It can also serve as cavity wall insulation, as well as used outside in combination with stucco systems.

The panels have standard dimensions; adapters are custom made. Therefore, there is no waste.

While VIP panels are typically more expensive to purchase  in comparison with traditional insulation materials, they provide a solution where achieved the required thermal performance is a challenge.

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