Perch Leather


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Leather made from the skin of the Nile perch (fish) is characterised by a rough-hewn surface of coarse scales, which conjures up a certain wild and primal charm. Perch leather is much thicker than other types of fishleather, such as salmon.Atlantic Leather purchases Nile perch from fish processors in Africa.

This species is caught in Lake Victoria by the fishermen of the surrounding countries: Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.

The size of perch leather hides varies. They are available in sizes from 0.7 to 1.4 square feet but average size is 1.1 square feet.

Perch leather can be dyed in any number of diverse tones.Perch leather is available in two types of finish: open scaling, which creates a coarse finish, and closed scaling, which delivers a fine finish. A full range of surface treatments is possible with either type of finish.

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