Plant-based paint


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In fairf’s paint, they make use of a plant-based binding agent. With this, they are able to replace a traditional binder, which is generally made from fossil resources. Aside from that, fairf is a water-based paint and doesn’t contain any harmful solvents or substances. A paint that puts your and your environment’s well-being first. You will immediately notice this when opening the can of paint because fairf is just about odourless. Choosing for sustainable paint from fairf also doesn’t come at the expense of quality, the paint has namely been thoroughly tested and has been awarded numerous certificates. To actually make an impact, a sustainable product shouldn’t be any less than a regular product. In short, you can just paint as you normally would, but now with less of an effect on the environment.

Fairf offers a complete bundle of sustainable paint which also are produced in a CO2-neutral manner. The paints don’t only deliver optimal performance, but they’re also made from natural materials, low-emission and are made with as little as possible solvents. Apart from that, fairf is available in almost every colour. Responsible paints in any desired colour!

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