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- story by MaterialDistrict

Plasticiet is a building material that comes straight out of Rotterdam with the hard looks of natural stone, but made from discarded plastics. The material is made with a mix of techniques used by industry and craftsmen. The rock-like material is applicable in furniture making, interior design, displays and purely decoratively.

The collection consists of three colour combinations (one is permanently out of stock). Blizzard is white with black spots and a matte finish, made from discarded buckets (LDPE – HDPE). This panel is soft to the touch and can be bended on smaller thicknesses. The material is great for non-constructive purposes.

Autumn is black, white and brown in colour with a matte, satin or polished finish. The material is rock-hard but as stiff as a board, and perfect for constructive use. It is made from little trays and bowls shredded to bits and pieces (PS).

Greyish is indeed greyish in colour, with a matte finish, and made from post industrial mass production waste ((L)LDPE – ABS). Even plastic recycling companies sometimes have waste. And that is what this panel is made off. These plastics were mixed accidentally, which makes them not suitable for industrial use, but perfect for making this soft looking stone-like panel, with great for non-constructive purposes.

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