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Plexwood is a sustainable architectural wood material that can be applied conceptually. The product is made on demand, being customized to the clients’ needs.

Plexwood has a clear line structure for graphical effects because it consists of end grain wood and wood with the grain veneers glued crosswise.

Due to the use of end grain wood, plexwood is stronger than regularly sawn wood of the same tree. Thus, softer production wood is also suitable for applications designed for intensive use.
Plexwood is a natural material. Its composition and the way of production make it a sustainable product. In our production neither formaldehyde-based glue nor volatile organic compounds are used.
Plexwood is offered as strip, parquet strip, plank, tile, panel one-sided, panel two-sided, panel flexible, solid, profile and specials made on demand. Variations in thickness, size and build-up are possible. Panels on plywood, fire retardant MDF, MDF V313, coloured MDF, green panel and ecological MDF are available.

Plexwood can be made from birch, beech, oak (new), pine, pine/occumé (combi), meranti, occumé, poplar and deal.

All the products are delivered semi-finished. Samples are available upon request.

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