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SilicaStone is a material created from recycled waste glass and ceramics. This patented process allows the creation of a range of surfaces that offer new and exciting design possibilities for both interior and exterior projects.

Fabricated in Lancashire, SilicaStone feels like stone and, because it is not bonded by resin, it is UV stable and will not fade or change colour over time. It is also heat and fire resistant.

SilicaStone is available in 15 standard colours and in 3 standard finishes, textured, honed and glazed. The three ranges, Strata, Incline and Weave, are all available in a selection of different size tiles from 200mm x 50mm up to a maximum of 300mm x 150mm. Larger solid surfaces up to 2.4m x 1m are also available for special order.

All ranges are precision dimensioned and can easily be cut with standard tile cutting discs or an angle grinder. They are supplied loose and can be installed directly onto existing surfaces without the need for grout.

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