Solar (green) roof systems


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Nophadrain systems for solar roofs: solutions for solar and solar green roofs.

As with any green roof, solar green roofs have a positive effect on climate change. They provide additional habitat for plants and animals, provide additional water retention and thus promote the natural water cycle. By alternating open space, maintenance paths and the areas below the solar modules, different vegetation areas develop, that is reflected in additional biodiversity on the roof.

Compared to a simple flat roof or gravel roof, green roofs provide noticeably lower temperatures. The evaporation capacity of the green roof is responsible for this. This results in less heating of the solar modules, that leads to higher performance and ultimately to higher efficiency of the solar system. A properly installed green roof on top of a root resistant waterproofing membrane can be considered as an additional protective layer: the roof is exposed to less temperature fluctuations, direct radiation or other direct impacts such as hail.

The Nophadrain Solar Mounting System for Green Roofs is placed on the ND SolarDrain Drainage System. It this way the waterproofing membrane remains free of penetrations or fixations. Moreover, the roof is protected from mechanical stress during installation. Substrate and vegetation serve as necessary ballast of the system. If required, the system can be supplemented with additional ballast.

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