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SOLIGEM Designed by Fabrice Covelli. The material outside skin is made of silicone – Gel: Urethane Resin. Skin thickness: 0.075” (2 mm) – Overall thickness: 0.5’’ (12.5mm) It is UV resistant, fire resistant, tear resistant and waterproof. This material brings together the strength and softness of Silicone with the strong colour capabilities of Urethane Gel. Colours: Custom order from any translucent or opaque colour. Overall shape, Gems (size /quantity/shape) may be customized. Maximum size: 24”x36”. The product is made flat but has a possibility to curve afterwards. Applications: Bathroom mat, counter mat, dish mat, toilet seat cover, screen, curtain, toy, bag, upholstery material, lamp shade, Jeweller.
Fproduct is a line of playful objects designed and developed by Fabrice Covelli for private or public spaces.
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