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TimberSIL® is a non-toxic fusion of two natural materials, wood and glass. It is a natural product and a permanent combination of properties. By inserting a glass matrix around and within the wood fibers TimberSIL® offers the beauty of wood.
The character of wood stems from the grain patterns, a sprinkling of knots, color variations, and minor imperfections that combine to form the unique character of each piece.
Characteristics: Barrier to rot, decay and insects, non-toxic, class-A Fire Retardant, FSC Certified, Paintable and stainable, easy to cut and machine, unaffected by seawater, increased structural stability, up to 30% stronger than treated wood, non-corrosive to fasteners, increased hold for hardware and sustainable for multi-ple life cycles.
Applications can be interior construction, indoor and outdoor furniture, decking and outdoor structural framing.

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