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Express the emotion, character and identity of a design through a unique and timeless look. Go for architecture with flair and exceptional quality. VeroMetal® cooperates with OZEON® to provide architects and designers with lightweight panels with a real metal look.

(Facade) panels with a finish of real metal
Shiny brass, weathered copper, stainless steel, authentic bronze, iron with or without rust, just a few examples of the many different finishes available. The VeroMetal® coating is applied to a pressed mineral wool panel. The result is a high quality panel with the design freedom of compact sheet material combined with an genuine metal appearance. The OZEON® panels are suitable for applications such as exterior facades or interior wall cladding.

All construction elements with a genuine metal look
Now you are able to realise a full metal facade or interior. You can treat all the required construction or interior elements with VeroMetal® coating to create the metal appearance you desire. The combination of OZEON® panels and VeroMetal® coating provides you with unlimited freedom of design.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable
Engineer a design with 90% less metal. Replace solid metal parts with a more environmentally  friendly solution. For example, choose a lightweight substrate material and coat it with a VeroMetal® metal finish of 120-150 microns. The project has the characteristics and appearance of real metal, but significantly fewer metal resources are consumed. In addition, the lighter construction provides a saving on energy because less weight is moved.

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