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The WALA Eco-Clip tiles consist of phthalate free PVC. Hexamoll Dinch is used as the plasticiser because of its excellent toxicological qualities. It is officially permitted by the European Food Safety Authorities and may be used in such strict applications as children’s toys. The WALA Eco-tile is completely recyclable. The product is robust, waterproof, heat insulating, flame resistant, sound absorbing and joint friendly. It is suitable for floating laying and even welding is possible.

Applications are broad in the health and environmental sectors. Childcare centres, nurseries, schools, large-scale catering establishments and medical practices – for all these areas WALA-Injections GmbH has now developed this board which ideally meets the demands for such particularly non-hazardous flooring. The WALA ECO CLIP board is otherwise identical with the innovative WALA CLIP Board in quality, nature and size: just as easy to lay and just as pleasant to walk on.

The tiles come in 12 standard colours: black, anthracite, grey, silver grey, yellow, light green, red, blue, brown, turquoise, beige and dark green. Three surface variations are possible: smooth, napped and R11. The material is available at a standard size of 500 x 500 x 6 mm (smooth variation: 7mm).

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