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In the mid-70s, Prof. Dr. Frank Mirtsch discovered the principle of the self-stiffened effect of vault structures via a random and strange natural structure formation in a thin cylinder. A series of developments led to new vault structure technology and new innovative, thin and lightweight materials and products.

Woelbstruktur vault structures can be formed largely independent of the starting material. Well-known materials can be featured with new product characteristics; therefore the need to work with expensive base materials can be reduced once the beneficial processed properties are explored.

High rigidity and strength are largely the result of the three-dimensional honeycomb structures. Dr. Mirtsch Wölbstrukturierung GmbH processing technologies produce materials with surface friendly, exact hexagonal structures in metal tracks, which are used as sheets or rolled material.

The more freedom given to the material to deform, the more the shape of a honeycomb pattern evolves. The honeycomb pattern has a symmetrical arrangement of the folds and bulges. As a result, the thin-walled material achieves an optimal isotropic stiffened state.

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