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Woven Animation textiles are created through a proprietary woven construction that results in a fabric with a bidirectional pattern change. Two independent patterns appear and visually replace one another depending on the viewing angle to the fabric’s surface. This results in a unique optical effect in which two considered images are embedded in the weaving process and actively transition as the viewing angle changes. The fabrics have been developed to conform to commercial grade performance standards for upholstery and interior décor applications. The fabrics are made from a variety of fibers and because the effect is created through construction and not particular material or a secondary process, the fibers used for weaving can vary from polyester to silk or wool or even composites. Currently, Ilorom has a small selection of patterns that will be increasing as the business grows and they also entertain creating custom designs for bespoke projects.

All designs are original and are meticulously crafted to maximise the fabric’s illusionary effect. Both elegant and playful, this dynamic material will accentuate the experience of an interior space, focal surface or piece of furniture. All Woven Animation fabric is performance tested to meet standards established by the Association for Contract Textiles.

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