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Xanita board is highly sustainable engineered fibre-board. Manufactured with the use of fibres recovered from recycled paper products such as cardboard boxes, Xanita board is VOC-free, 100% re-pulpable, 75% lighter than MDF and significantly stronger than visually similar honeycomb boards.

The boards’ core is made from 100% post-consumer kraft and sugar cane waste and is fully recyclable and re-pulpable alongside with normal paper waste. It is designed to work with all well-known digital flatbed printers, hybrid printers and CNC-cutters.

Besides the environmental aspects, Xanita board is a practical, durable, functional and stronger alternative for the traditional honeycomb boards and MDF. Xanita board strikes the perfect balance between premium quality and eco-friendliness.

Xanita board is available in Xanita Print and Xanita Kraft.

Xanita Print is sandwiched between printable white kraft liners that can be digitally printed.

Xanita Kraft is a lightweight and highly versatile kraft paper board with excellent stability and flat panel properties for internal applications.

It exhibits and exceptional strength-to-weight ratio and is ideal for eco-chic fitouts. It can be direct-printed with white ink and surface-patterns can be knife-cut in the facestock of the board.

Xanita is extremely versatile and can be converted in many ways:

Retail Displays

  • POP Displays
  • Aisle end-caps
  • Brand activations

Events & Expo’s

  • Custom sustainable exhibition booths
  • Sustainable exhibition furniture
  • Signage

Retail Fit-Outs

  • Ceiling beams and bulkheads
  • Header boards
  • Cladding & shelving


  • 3D lettering
  • Standees
  • Store & event signage

Xanita offers designers and board converters a VOC-free and fully recyclable and re-pulpable alternative to MDF, particle board and non-renewable rigid or foam filled plastic sheeting.

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