Crochet installations resembling sea urchins play with light

For Singapore’s iLight Marina Bay Festival this year, Choi+Shine Architects created large-scale crochet installations reminiscent of sea urchins that hover above the ground. The Urchins interact with natural light during the day and glow when illuminated at night.

The theme of this year’s iLight Marina Bay Festival was biomimicry and sustainability. Choi+Shine Architects drew their inspiration from the sea urchin’s lightweight shell and permeable surface, as well as the delicate and textured surface of the shell.

The Urchins consist of an aluminium frame, while the crochet cover are hand made of white UV and weather resistant polyester chord. Each Urchin is suspended from a thin, nearly invisible cable, allowing them to dangle in the wind.

The forms are designed to interact with natural light during the day, and glow when illuminated by night. During the day, the installations reflect, absorb and transmit sunlight, casting patterned shadows on the ground. At night, the lacy walls are glowing.

Photos: Choi+Shine Architects