The People’s Pavilion is made from borrowed materials

For the Dutch Design Week 2017 (21-29 October), the temporary People’s Pavilion is erected, made only from borrowed materials. Because these materials have to return to their rightful owners after the event, no glue, screws, drills or saws were used.

Designed by Overtreders W and Bureau SLA, the pavilion was build with the help from the community. Part of the pavilion is made from plastic waste, which was supplied by the inhabitants of Eindhoven, where the Dutch Design Week takes place. The plastic is converted into shingles for the façade, 9,500 in total, as part of Bureau SLA and Overtreders W’s Pretty Plastic Plant. Each shingle is attached with two cable ties, however, so the pavilion is not 100 per cent waste free.

The structure of the pavilion incorporates materials borrowed from locals and companies, from piles and wooden beam to the glass roof. Because of this borrowed character, the materials could not be cut to size or be damaged through construction methods, such as glue or screws. After the Dutch Design Week, all materials are returned intact to their rightful owners.

The borrowing and returning the materials used to create the pavilion is a great example of a circular and sustainable way of designing and building.

The People’s Pavilion is built on the Ketelhuisplein in Eindhoven as part of the World Design Event, a platform for future makers from all over the world.

Photos: DDW / Omroep Brabant / Bureau SLA