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The world’s first carbon neutral bike tire

Norwegian company reTyre developed what they say is the world’s first carbon neutral bicycle tire, made from 100 per cent reclaimed materials.

In 2019, reTyre presented a modular bicycle tire system to adapt your tire thread without having to change the entire tire (you can read more about this here). Now, the company developed carbon neutral tires, made of recycled materials.

The tires include recycled para-aramid in the beads and puncture proytection, made from used body armour. The casting is made with reyclced fishing nets, collected from the oceans. Algae sourced from algae blooms is used in the thread, which have a negative carbon footprint. These materials, plus other post-consumer recyclate (PCR) used in the tire, adds up to a carbon neutral product. The claim is based on a third party verified LCA.

Photos: reTyre