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Cottone Superbo Conchiglia


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Perltec Cottone Superbo Conchiglia is a nacreous decor, a rich pearl and three-dimensional depth effect. The Perltec decors are based on natural cotton material combined with high transparent glass. To produce the decor sheets, cotton is transformed during a specialized process from its flaky and fibrous state into a solid material, acetate. The Conchiglia structure interprets the rich effects of Mother of Pearl, the inside of a pearl shell. First, the transparent raw acetate is coloured with the pigments of each single colour that is desired for the final design. The next step is to cut the single colour block into sheets. They are treated by hand and laid in into the block form, according to the design recipe. In the end, the decorative sheets are sliced like a veneer out of the solid final block. To get the finished Perltec product, the design sheets are combined and set-in using the latest glass composite technology between two Optiwhite glass plates. The design is usable from both sides. Each panel is a one-off and therefore unique. According to the producer, almost no limits are set in regard to the creativity of the designers and project participants. In addition to the standard sizes, thickness, designs amd glass techniques, customized products are possible on request.

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