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Litracon pXL

LiTraCon Bt.

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Contrary to Litracon®, in Litracon pXL® there are no optical fibers for light transmission but a specially formed and patented plastic unit. This and the industrialized way of manufacturing bring the new pXL® material into a more affordable price range.
The panels are reinforced and can even be storey-high. The light dots appear with regular distribution on the surface of the pXL®. Or, it is easy to create patterns or even coloured logos out of the pixels. It is even possible to create 3D objects e.g. folded or curved forms, hollow bodies with the Litracon pXL® technology. Among many others, this option can give ideas to design e.g. public statues or illuminated walls, facades or street furniture.

For use both indoor and outdoor.

Thickness: 40mm
Max size: 1200x600mm
Colours: Grey, White, Black
Light-transmittance: 3,5%
Finish: polished, brushed, molded

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