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Isovlas, the building insulation with the best performance: ultimate living comfort, healthy, sustainable and surprisingly affordable.

Isovlas Building insulation for roof, wall and floor: optimally durable, cheap, healthy and easy to process. The insulation is based on flax, because flax is:
– short cyclically renewable and recoverable
– removes and stores CO2 from the atmosphere
– is naturally temperature and moisture regulating
– does not contain harmful dust particles
– is recyclable

Technically, ecologically, and economically, Isovlas is demonstrably the most innovative and best building insulation. Isovlas offers developers, governments, housing associations, architects, contractors, processors and last but not least end users specific, new benefits.

The ideal living environment
Isovlas PL and PN building insulation is the best insulation choice for your projects. Isovlas PL and PN building insulation is ideally suited for passive houses and zero-energy houses. Isovlas Building Insulation is available in PL and PN.

Isovlas PL and PN have an unparalleled temperature damping factor, thus heat storage capacity. In summer, at a temperature of 30˚C outside, this can result in an indoor temperature of approximately 23˚C (with mineral wool this is approximately 28˚C). In winter, the opposite applies: at -5˚C it stays within 21˚C with Isovlas PL, while with mineral wool it is 19˚C. By insulating or post-insulating everything with Isovlas, you create a comfortable indoor climate. Isovlas as (post) insulation is therefore just as logical as it is ingenious, also in the light of the Building Decree.

What is the difference between PL & PN
Isovlas PL mainly insulation in light construction construction HSB and post-insulation such as wall, roof and floor. Isovlas PL is a stock product, Isovlas PN is available on request and more for cavity wall insulation and for slimmer constructions. The difference is in density, insulation value (lambda value) and price.

Isovlas PL Building insulation applications

  • Post-insulation roof, between the purlins or on the roof boarding
  • In timber frame walls
  • In metal stud walls
  • Under the ground floor
  • Insulating the ceiling
  • Post-insulation stone wall

Material Properties