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The manufacturer calls Recoflex “elastic chipboard” or elastic wood. The material is made not by extrusion but by press compaction; it is supplied in the form of boards or rolls and can be bent in all directions with little effort. Recoflex consists of wood granules, latex, cork and polyurethane. Elastic Particle Boards made of this material can be used to produce rounded surfaces and shapes quickly and cost-effectively. It can be bent in all directions and processed like other wood materials, and also be fixed mechanically or adhered in the required shape.
The material is ideal for moulding in a moulding press. The material is fixed in the press by planking on both sides with HDF, MDF or HPL boards. Recoflex is used as filler for producing rounded mouldings.

The porosity and relatively slight density of Recoflex means that in this current processing form, it is not possible to expose screw connections to high tensile forces.

As well as for furniture, Recoflex can also be used to produce partitions and ceiling elements to reduce air-borne sound. BSW presumes that Recoflex has good to excellent soundproofing properties.

Recoflex can be dyed through completely; only the cork granules retain their natural colour. The surface of Recoflex is rough and porous so that large surfaces have to be sanded and given a transparent coat of varnish in order to achieve the required brilliant colours.

The material is suitable for furniture production, interior fittings, construction of prefabricated housing, exhibition construction, model making, for footfall sound insulation, for the production of floor coverings and as a substitute for cork, particle boards and other materials.
It consists 95% of renewable raw materials and contains no formaldehyde and can be recycled without any problems.

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