Haiko Meijer of Onix NL at Material Xperience

Haiko Meijer Talks Healthy Buildings and Schools at Material Xperience

During his upbringing in the forest estate of Lemferdinge, south of Groningen, Haiko developed a great love for nature. In addition to the visual beauty of the nature surrounding him, he also experienced on a deep level how beautiful sunlight filtered through leaves can appear, how much the size of a forest opening varies between spring, summer, autumn and winter – and how protected or dangerous a forest can feel as a result. Haiko will be at Material Xperience on 9 February, 2015 @ 14:00 to discuss how is love of the natural environment and natural materials is reflected in the work of Onix NL and their drive to create healthier buildings and schools for all.

Healthy buildings and schools are not only healthy for people, but also healthy for their surroundings and the environment. Onix creates healthy buildings and schools for people and the environment by, among other things, focusing on materials. Through their rigorous research into materials, they are able to make the right – and healthy – material choice for every situation. Onix has won numerous awards for their work within the Netherlands including Architect of the Year, the Dutch Design Award, the Wood Prize (Houtprijs) and the School Building Prize (Scholenbouwprijs).

You can find out more about the work of Onix NL here.

This lecture and the Material Xperience event are free to attend with pre-registration.