Trendsetters: Light-Up Smart Uniforms for easyJet

Smart clothing is an increasingly popular trend. Budget UK airline easyJet is joining the trend by unveiling for their 20th anniversary ‘smart’ uniforms containing a few hundred lighting elements powered by small USB rechargeable batteries. The innovative line of smart uniforms was created in collaboration with London fashion house CuteCircuit, global leaders in interactive fashion and the founders of the first haute couture ‘Twitter Dress’ as well as the 24,000 full colour pixel ‘Galaxy Dress.’

Uniforms for the easyJet cabin crew include LED’s on the shoulders with illuminated hems to provide additional lighting in an emergency. In addition, LEDs on jacket lapels display important information such as flight number, arrivals and departures. In-built microphones meanwhile improve communication between crew, pilots and passengers.

For ground staff, LED’s in jacket cuffs help to control aircraft movement on the ground.

And for the easyJet engineers, uniforms will include LEDs in jacket hoods to illuminate work areas and leave both hands free for aircraft inspections. Multiple reflective laser cut decorations will aid visibility on the air field and in-built video cameras will allow for remote diagnosis of technical issues along with surround sound and a microphone for instant communication capability. Air quality sensor and barometer features will help engineers monitor their work environment and create a map of air quality in different cities for passenger information.

CuteCircuit co-founder Francesca Rosella said in a statement “We are excited to be working with easyJet in creating the future of aviation. The cabin crew uniforms and engineers’ uniforms represent cutting edge developments in wearable technology, and are a first in the aviation industry. The uniforms unite fashionable style with novel functionalities, increasing safety and communication with passengers to create a truly unique inflight experience.

EasyJet plans to run a trial of these wearable uniforms in early 2016 on budget flights.