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Veriflex™ is a fiber-reinforced composite that uses a shape memory polymer, Veriflex®, as the matrix. This allows the material to easily change shape above its activation temperature. At lower temperatures, the material maintains high strength and high stiffness.
When heated, Veriflex will temporarily soften. It can then be reshaped and will harden in seconds, maintaining the new configuration. When reheated, Veritex will return to its original cured shape. This versatility allows for structures to be stowed and then later deployed to the operational shape.
Veriflex can be manufactured with a variety of fiber types and shape memory polymer formulations to fit unique application requiring different properties.
Possible Applications:
– Rapid manufacturing
– Lightweight, deployable structures
– Composite repair patching
– Adaptable reinforcement
Features & Benefits:
– Unique shape memory properties
– Strengthening fabric reinforcement
– Deforms and recovers shape repeatedly
– Transforms from rigid composite to soft elastomer
– Up to 80% elongation in elastic state
– Durable
– Machinable

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