Favourite materials & articles: the best of 2017 is visited by thousands of people every day, each with their own background and from their own sector. With such a diverse audience, it is interesting to see what are the best-read articles of this year. Below, we have compiled a list of your favourite articles and  materials that we collected this year. Have a great and inspiring 2018!

Favourite articles
Without a doubt, your favourite article of the year is about the Dutchfiets, a bicycle made from recyclable plastic. This bike is cheap, lightweight, and easy to produce. Read the full story here.

Second place on the list is for Fabricwood, a pavilion from plywood that is bent and folded to create an effect of tufted fabric pulled over a frame. Read the full story here.

On number 3, a project by students from the German Angewandte Kunst Schneeberg academy, who made flexible furniture from felt composite.

A honourable mention goes to the M.A.DI. Home. The article about this foldable house was posted only two weeks ago, but it already reached place 7 in the most read articles category!

Your top 10 articles:

Favourite materials of 2017
Your favorite material this year are Wood wool panels by Swedish company Baux. These acoustic panels are made from wood wool, cement and water.

Second place this year goes to Timber terrazzo by Foreco. This material is made from FSC British timber that is unusable for joinery due to defects or odd sizing, combined with a resin-binder material.

Ended in third place is Concrete Skin by Floor van Doremalen. This material consists of a layer of concrete under a clear layer of sepia coloured rubber.

Your top 10 materials:

All materials we have collected in 2017, you can see at Material Xperience 2018, from 13-15 March 2018 in Ahoy Rotterdam, the Netherlands. See you next year with all new materials!