Wood Shavings Become Modern, Environmentally Friendly Acoustic Panels

As a country covered in forests, it is not surprising that Sweden is a country known for innovative design with wood. Swedish brand Baux is an example. Working together with Träullit, a local family business, they create boards and acoustic panels from wood shavings, cement and water. Environmentally friendly, the result is also modern and functional.

On their site, Baux explain the process of making these panels. Spruce wood is first collected outside their factory in Småland, Sweden in order to minimize transportation needs. The spruce wood is stacked and dried outside the factory and then cut into smaller pieces and ground down to shavings. These shavings are then blended with water and cement and the resulting material is poured into molds. These molds are stacked and stored to dry. Once dry, the resulting wood shaving cement is cut or milled into geometrically shaped acoustic tiles.

The tiles are hen spray painted in variety of different colours. By combining different shapes and colors, interesting patterns and effects can be created, for either small or very large scale spaces.

You can discover more about Baux and their innovations with wood here.